Why Self Defence?
We live in unpredictable times. On our rushed overcrowded streets many people over-react to simple annoyances, and stress & non-tolerance is the norm. When people suddenly find themselves facing real aggression, or must protect their loved ones, how can they stay calm and keep safe?

Why learn Self Defence?
Ability to defend oneself – and ones family or friends – is the first step to freedom. Paul King. 2023.

The most Modern of the Japanese Martial Arts, Shorinji Kempo develops true courage, awareness, discipline & robust health by training in physical & mental self Defence techniques. Combining elements of Kung Fu, Judo, Krav-maga or Boxing into one dynamic form, Shorinji Kempo also develops ‘mental muscles’ via philosophical ethics based on Zen Buddhist mindsets. Training in Eastern medical science pressure points & breath-work & spacial awareness complete the form.

What is different about Shorinji Kempo?
‘Founded in Japan in 1947 by Japanese Master Doshin So (Kaiso), Shorinji Kempo nurtures the best in people. As a unique educational system it combines philosophy, mastery of techniques, and practical self-development. While training students support each other, learning ‘how to live happily’ via Zen Buddhist mindsets & physical techniques that strengthen them and fellow partners. These techniques and teachings are intertwined in Shorinji Kempo’s unique educational system.’
Many ‘fighting’ forms teach destructive techniques where the goal is simply to ‘destroy’ an opponent. I call this a ‘fear based’ approach. The instinct to overreact with aggression often ends up hurting the one defending themselves too. In one survey of U.S jails, many first time offenders judged guilty of murder claim to have been trying to ‘defend themselves – when things got out of control, and they accidently killed or maimed someone because they didn’t know their own strength’.

How can we know our own physical strengths & our weaknesses?
How can we develop mindsets that can stop violence without taking or breaking a life?

Shorinji Kempo is different by outset. Techniques are geared to effectively halt aggression by either stopping an attack with an arrest or throw (soft technique) or block and counter attack (hard technique). We practice to not only develop physical strength, but also create mental ability to think & act calmly under stress or when facing danger. This ‘courage based’ approach manifests in 4 basics poles of Shorinji Kempo:

  • Goho:                         ‘Hard style’ blocking & counter attacks with kicks, punches or chops.
  • Juho:                          ‘Soft style’ arresting or throwing or temporary disabling.
  • Seiho:                        Applied study of pressure points to ‘stop or awaken’ body energy.
  • Hoa:                           Applied Ethical study to develop an aware sense of self & society.