The most Modern of Japanese Martial Art forms – Shorinji Kempo is designed to inspire confidence, awareness & ability via practice of realistic Self Defense methods. Our broad curriculum combines basic elements of Judo – MuayThai – Kravmaga and Boxing into one dynamic form, and focus on Acupunture pressure points, Seiho Massage & Spatial and Inner Body Awareness. This is coupled with a study of social ethics based on Zen Buddhist principles.
In Amsterdam Jordaan dojo the Sensei is a 4th Dan branch master. Sensei spent 6 weeks last year training at HQ temple in Japan, and has participated in recognized International WSKO Budo sessions. His stated goal is to inspire people to be able to respond to stressful or confronting situations with a sense of responsibility & Inner calm.
Jordaan dojo is a place of respect – we strive to have fun and be open minded to each other in our process of mutual learning.
‘My dream is that one fine day our dojo will be a ‘Rainbow Dojo’, a multi cultural multi generational place of sharing daring & caring. I see Grandparents training with grandchildren – parents training with their own parents and children – Strangers training with new friends – an inspiring circular community where all who wish to open their mind and hearts can join in to develop local families and global societies.’

Paul King Sensei.