paul king sensei

Who is the main Instructor at Jordaan Dojo?
After a lifetime practicing various Japanese Martial Arts, 4th Dan instructor Paul King (Sensei) is now a qualified WSKO (World Shorinji Kempo Organization) Branch master.

With over 25 years of regular training in Shorinji Kempo under the guidance of Japanese 4th Dan Sensei Hiromi Tojo in Amsterdam, in 2017 Paul received a certificate of Excellence and first place in the World Taikai in California for his ‘philosophy & ethics in the martial arts’ essay. In 2019 Paul spent 6 weeks training at the Shorinji Kempo head temple in Japan, where he certified as a formal instructor. Through the years Paul has participated in many International WSKO Budo sessions. His stated goal is to inspire people to be able to respond to stressful or confronting situations with real ability, confidence & inner calm.

Jordaan dojo (place of the way) is a safe place of mutual respect. Here we strive to have fun and be open minded to each other in a process of mutual learning. This is a multi cultural – multi generational place of sharing, daring & caring. I see Grandparents training with grandchildren, parents training with their children, strangers training with new friends. The Dojo mindset is to be an inspiring community where all who wish to open their mind and hearts can join to develop themselves, their families and friendships.’

Paul King.

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